How To Select Filament

Chromastrand Labs is based in Loveland, CO where we are dedicated to producing high-performance 3D printing filament for real applications.
We leverage three generations of plastics production experience to select optimal polymer blends for 3D printing processes and parts.

Why choose Chroma Strand Labs filaments?

  • State-of-the-art plastics extrusion technology.
  • Consistent dimensions.
  • Vibrant Colors.
  • Fast Shipping.
  • Tight quality control for consistent printing color to color and batch to batch

How to select the right 3D Printing filament for your needs:

Diameter: LulzBot, Ultimaker, Airwolf, and a few others use “3mm” filament (which is actually 2.85mm). Most other printers use 1.75mm

Be sure to not run out. Your slicing program will tell you how many grams of material a print should require.

Premium ABS is a good combination of strength, heat resistance, and price. You will find our premium ABS to have lower fumes and warping than lower grades of ABS.
INOVA-2008 PETG features low warping, splitting, great bed adhesion, and low fumes and emissions
INOVA-1800 Amphora Co-Polyester is a premium filament with high strength, great layer adhesion